Martha - guilty or not guilty?

In this forum, you can discuss about the case in English language
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Martha - guilty or not guilty?

Post autor: pomocdlamarty » wt sty 16, 2018 10:04 pm

The matter of Martha's guilt or innocence raises many controversies.
Gradually, to the best of our abilities, we will present every detail of the case.
But even now thoughtful people can draw many interesting conclusions.
We invite everyone for discussion and showing their opinions.
We also invite people, who are convinced about Martha's guilt.
Your opinion, expressed in appropriate manner, will be a signal for us, at what point our information are "illegible".
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Re: Martha - guilty or not guilty?

Post autor: jacek prawnik » pn sty 22, 2018 7:49 pm

Dear All,

Much can be said about the 'ad rem" case matter- but what baffles me mostly – in this case - is that the essential and condemning evidence (which apparently swayed the jury to render a guilty verdict for murder vs lesser offences of vehicular fatality manslaughter or a: involuntary manslaughter) was essentially a hearsay (quote) from a triage nurse saying (and mind you offering the same not immediately but in 3 years after the accident) that she - the nurse - recalled Marta's words of: “He did not believe that I would do it”.

Take it this way - and I am not defending or prosecuting nobody here - but if Marta was:

(a) completely exhausted (minutes after) she rescued herself from a vehicle submerged at 3 meters deep in a harbour, in March subzero temps and high baywater tides,
(b) (capable of) conversing in English up to a level of a server/waitress level i.e. “Can I serve you a glass of wine or a shot of vodka?”
(c) Apparently shivering and shaking

whilst apparently (which is not at all admitted as proven other than by said nurse's words) offering such statement

Why was there no expert witness(es) called to:

(i) assess on her linguistic ability to communicate clearly and logically given her nationality and language competency,
(ii) assess on anyone (including an Irish born person) capacity of rendering coherent statements in a state of hypothermia, and whilst under the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

Can we rest assured that everythoing was done?

In 40 years in USA, Canada, Australia, UK or in Ireland there has been no single case when a driver that would submerge a vehicle and come out alive (whilst the passengers) would have perished be condemned and convicted for murder and sentenced to a life sentence ...... anything (manslaughter etc) but not murder. Ireland has just said Marta is same as the scissor sisters. You say is that right? Serach your souls.....