„Irlandia. Liroy wstawia się za Polką. „Została niesłusznie skazana na dożywocie”” – artykuł na gazeta.pl

Irlandia. Liroy wstawia siê za Polką. „Została niesłusznie skazana na dożywocie”

Irlandia. Liroy wstawia siê za Polk±. „Zosta³a nies³usznie skazana na do¿ywocie”

Piotr Liroy-Marzec zachêca do finansowego wsparcia Marty Herdy. To Polka, która została skazana przez Irlandzki sąd na dożywocie po tym, jak w tragicznym wypadku doprowadziła do śmierci zakochanego w niej kolegi w pracy.

Source: wiadomosci.gazeta.pl/wiadomosci/7,114881,24620947,liroy-wstawia-sie-za-mordercza-krolowa-lodu-polityk-chce.html

One thought on “„Irlandia. Liroy wstawia się za Polką. „Została niesłusznie skazana na dożywocie”” – artykuł na gazeta.pl

  1. The length of the Locked wheel skid mark is about 13 feet long measured from the edge of the pier by the crime scene investigator. We can assume from this measurement that the volkswagens brake’s locked because of the impact of the car with the first barrier, which damaged the ABS module, disengaging the ABS brakes. The first barrier is a few feet out for the final barrier located at the edge of the pier. We can see the huge impact the barrier had on the volkswagen car and the engine is designed to safely crumple on impact.Thus we can calculate the locked wheel skid happened after Impact. Not before.

    The prosecution forensic expert told many lies, but lets focus on the prosecution theory as given to the Jury. The prosecution claim that Marta Herda deliberately drove the Volkswagen Passat towards the sea at speed and the passenger Csaba Oros in order to stop the car pulled the emergency handbrake.

    This cannot be true because if the locked Wheel skid is only 13 feet from the edge of the pier and the car is 15 feet long. As the Passat is almost 15 feet long and the first barrier almost 2 feet from the edge.

    This would mean that the prosecution theory forces a false reality. That falsehood is that Csaba pulled the emergency handbrake after the impact of the barrier. There is no locked wheel skid mark before the impact at the barrier. It is extremely unlikely Csaba would pull the handbrake after impact, if you can imagine crashing into a wall and then after impact pulling the handbrake it seems unusual not impossible but certainly it paints a different picture than that conveyed bu the prosecution to he jury, which was Csaba trying to stop Marta from crashing into the barrier. That is not true.

    There would have been ABS skid marks leading up to the Barrier. However the Garda failed to examine the crash site until after 30 hours. ABS skid marks disappear after 24 hours. Locked wheel skid marks remain for weeks or longer. As locked wheel are friction and ABS are not friction.

    The failure of the Garda to examine the Crash site that same day, strongly suggest the Garda did no treat this as a Murder investigation but treated the incident as a routine traffic accident. This means Marta did not confess to the Garda at the hospital that morning.

    Please get an expert to review this and bring it to the Innocent Project for Marta’s appeal.


    When the car was recovered the Handbrake was disengaged, ( not used)
    Also a wet print could have determined if Csaba prints were on the handbrake.
    The ABS module was obviously damaged on impact, and yet the Garda gave false evidence to suggest the brakes were all in working order when the car was examined. This is a clever falsehood. That ABS module was the cause of the locked wheel skid and it must be the secret.

    My strong opinion is that Marta applied the brakes before impact and there would have been ABS skid marks leading up to the locked wheel skid mark. The locked wheel skid mark is the result of the abs module disengaging.

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